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Botswana Business Wi-Fi & Hotspot solutions

Cost effective Business Enterprise Wi-Fi

Our WiFi solutions can be deployed in any organisation large or small.  With everyone needing internet access on all their devices throughout the office, high quality and reliable WiFi is a crucial business requirement. Whether it’s for running laptops or tablets in meetings, for general internet access where ethernet ports are not suitable or just as a courtesy for staff and guests business WiFi is an important part of any organisation.

Mobile Enterprises Botswana provides a fully managed solution from a number of suppliers including Comfast, Ubiquiti, Engenius.  Our service is wired in using structured cabling to ensure quality and provides a fully meshed solution that enables fast roaming without re-authentication.  That means you can move around your office using voice or video applications without losing your WiFi connection.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi networks or add Wi-Fi Hotspot to your business

  • Offices
  • Malls & Restaurant
  • Hotels and Lodges
  • School & University
  • Smart homes
  • Outdoor Events
  • & More…
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