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Broadcast SMS

We operate a powerful SMS marketing platform that offers high volume SMS delivery and reporting with the capacity to submit millions of marketing messages daily. We employ a a highly skilled and dedicated team of mobile messaging specialists responsible for the execution of Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns on behalf of clients, ensuring that they are delivered with the care and expertise required.

Mobile Messaging API’s

We provide SMS API’s that offer corporate grade connectivity with mobile network operators and make it simple for developers to seamlessly integrate their systems and applications to our messaging platform. Our API integrations enable Workflow Management, HR, CRM, ERP, Sales, Marketing and Financial systems to deliver messages.

SMS Short Codes

Short Codes are 5-digit mobile numbers allocated by cellular networks to registered WASP’s (Wireless Applications Service Providers). These are commonly used for inbound SMS campaigns as a way of obtaining consumer or customer responses to marketing, customer care and sales initiatives.

USSD Applications

Although most people don’t immediately know what USSD is, most of us have used it before! You know the funny looking *123# number you dial when you recharge your airtime? That’s a USSD number. It has the unique advantage of offering a simple browsing experience through a menu based system on your mobile device.


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