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Automate Your Communication, Support & Customer Service With Chatbots

In today’s connected world, customers wants communicate and get answers quickly. Our team can develop from basic to complex chatbots as a Service offering enables you to provide a better customer experience quickly with an initial set of capabilities such as answering FAQs, collecting feedback and more.

Building a Chatbot with our “as-a-service” approach means you’ll get the capabilities and expertise required to build a proof of concept within weeks, so your chatbot solution can be implemented much faster.

Best of all, we have various categories of “as-a-service” bots available, which include targeted features in each category.

Business messaging CRM platform that connects contacts from any channel to every team.

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Message more, work less

Easy automations like tagging, assigning or even replying to messages.

  • Greeting & Away Message
  • Automatic Contact Assignment
  • Automated Surveys
  • Trigger-based Rules
  • Bulk Messaging Broadcast

All your customer chats in one place

A single story for every customer from one source, no matter the channel.

  • Contact Import
  • Omni-channel Chat History
  • Contact & Segment Manager
  • Tagging & Custom Fields
  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard
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