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About Us

With operations covering the Botswana and Southern Africa, Mobile Enterprises (M.E) has a proven track record with a capable team that consults with client’s to execute projects seamlessly to traditional communication, marketing & business messaging platforms.

Mobile Enterprises is recognised for it’s innovation and experience in the industry.

We're committed to providing strong, reliable, and fast unified communication solution across channels using platforms that are redundant, scalable, a based on fault-resistant hardware.

Mobile Communications

Mobile Communications

If used correctly, has the potential to become one of the most poserful tools in your marketing arsenal.

Marketing Campaign & Customer Care solutions

ME works with clients and agencies to come up with innovative mobile communication & marketing campaigns, customer care solution which exploit the interactivity of digital channels and build lasting brand relationships with consumers.

IP Convergence

IP convergence is transforming business communications. Convergence allows IT organizations to consolidate their data, voice and multimedia resources on one standard backbone and then build exciting new applications that leverage those integrated services. IP convergence is transforming the way companies do business today.

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